Friday, July 24, 2009

Road Curfew Needed?

Does anyone else think the Rays players are partying a bit too hard on road trips?

It seems like every day game on the road, the Rays look sluggish physically and mentally. They look tired, worn, sick, and just out of it. Basically, they look hungover.

Teams are going to have off days, but this has happened multiple times now, and it always seems like its a day game on the road. Finally, yesterday needs to be the last straw. Going 0-27 and being on the wrong side of baseball history is an embarrassment.

This is all speculation, but everything is adding up in my head. I hope the players realize that they are killing their own playoff chances by not showing up during these games. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.


  1. I said the same thing last time they were in Toranto and played an afternoon game and got beat...believe me I can tell when someone is not feeling good I have been there many times.
    I know Longo is a cock hound, I'm pretty sure Pena is the latin stud (don't give me that married thing)..but I would be interested if one of the media guys Kalas does!

  2. How about they bounce back the next (night) game after the White Soxs disaster..and beat Halliday..

  3. I wouldn't say we "beat" Halliday, considering he dominated us after the 3rd inning and we didn't score again until he was pulled in the 10th. But a nice bounce back win for the Rays.