Monday, August 3, 2009

Give Me Runs Or Give Me Death!

If I were James Shields, I would be pissed off today. What an effort wasted.

With runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, Dioner Navarro struck out. I saw it coming.
With BJ Upton on 2nd, Evan Longoria drilled a signle into center. Tom Foley waved BJ Upton home. Upton was thrown out by a few feet. I saw this coming also.

For some reason, the Rays just aren't giving James Shields any run support. Maybe it's bad luck or a mental block, but it can't continue. 3 runs or less in 14 starts? That's just sad. That's a major reason that his record looks very mediocre.

If I were James Shields, I would be pulling my hair out or punching a gatorade cooler (with my non throwing hand).

If I were James Shields I would stand up in the middle of the locker room for my Patrick Henry moment and say "Give me runs or give me death!" It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.


  1. Shields has had bad luck on the Rays system...
    That is: do we put out max. effort to really try to win this game..or just take it easy, we know we can win...He seem to catch the later..
    As noted in earlier posts seems to come mostly in day games!

  2. It's also a matter of execution. For some reason, the Rays are not executing as well with Shields on the mound. Things like Navi throwing the ball into center field last night or Upton getting waved home by Tom Foley. Last year, the Rays were making plays. This year, they are just doing enough to stay afloat.