Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That Magical Moment

One pitch, one catch, or one swing of the bat can turn a season around. Any of those things can erase bad memories of a perfect game or blowing a big lead.

Was Evan Longoria's homerun last night that moment for the Rays?

Forget the new lineup. Forget the 2 homeruns that Matt Garza allowed. Forget not scoring a run until late in the game (again). Forget about 16 team strikeouts. Forget the strange play in the 8th in which Ben Zobrist was only awarded 3rd base. Forget blowing a chance with the bases loaded and nobody out twice. None of that mattered.

Forget the golden sombrero that Longoria was wearing for his 4 strikeout effort. That's ancient history.

A swing and a drive, deep to left field. GONE!

This doesn't instantly make up the distance that the Rays are behind the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers. This doesn't clinch a playoff spot for the Rays. However, this may be the moment that will propel the Rays right back into the hunt. It may just be one moment of one game, but that one moment may be just what the Rays needed to find the magic that they had in 2008. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

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