Thursday, June 18, 2009

And We're Off!

Welcome everyone, it's time to "Trop it Like it's Hot!" You have stumbled your way onto a brand new blog that is dedicated to serving the fan-base of the Tampa Bay Rays; but will also be good reading (also known as time killing at work) for anyone who wants solid baseball information or a good laugh. I welcome all sorts of comments, as long as you aren't a Yankee fan.

As for me, I am the Rocket Scientist. I have been posting for a few months over at Raysthestakes, and will move my shtick over here. Joining me will be a cougar and some cougar bait (both of whom you all probably know from, along with Mr. Scrappy and other random guests. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as we like posting. We now invite you all to Trop it Like it's Hot! And remember, it's baseball, it's not rocket scienice.

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