Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Open Letter To Dioner Navarro

An Open Letter To Dioner Navarro

Dear Dioner Navarro,

What has gotten into your head? Did last season’s all-star appearance really mess you up mentally? I feel like your all-star appearance last year has made you feel like you are a 5-tool player who can do it all. Here’s a tip for you Navi, you can’t. I feel like your all-star appearance last season has made you feel like you can not be mentally prepared and be lazy and still be able to succeed. Here’s a tip for you Navi, you can’t. These are ideas you need to get out of your head, immediately.

You need to play within yourself. I don’t see a singles hitter swinging for the fences or a homerun hitter trying to lay down a bunt for a base hit (unless it is to beat a shift). Why are you bunting with 2 outs? Why are you trying to steal bases? I have seen you bunt a number of times this season that were not in sacrifice situations, and last night you tried to steal second base! Why? I admire aggression, but not recklessness. You are more like a sloth and less like a cheetah. Play like it. Part of being a very good ballplayer is knowing who you are and who you aren’t. You aren’t a speedster. You are giving away outs to the opponent, and that cannot continue.

You need to be aware of more situations and more active. When there is a runner on base, no matter how fast or slow, you need to be prepared for a possible steal. That involves you sitting up in your crouch and being actively aware that you may need to throw the ball. A few times I have seen you attempt to throw a runner out from your knees. If you do that, you may as well just eat the ball (figuratively) and not bother, you have no shot at getting the runner. There is a reason you are throwing out just 25% of attempted base-stealers. I have seen you not be prepared to drop to your knees to block a breaking pitch and just try to backhand the ball. There is a reason you have 4 passed balls already this season, when you had 6 each of the last 3 seasons. You are giving bases to opponents, and that cannot continue.

So Dioner, I urge you to take a good look at yourself in the mirror (but please don’t go A-Rod and kiss yourself in the mirror). I want you to realize how good you can be if you play within your means, mentally prepare, and play hard. That is what you did last season, and you were an all-star. Imagine what this team would be like if it had an all-star caliber catcher. Come on Dioner, I know you can do it. This isn’t rocket science.
The Rocket Scientist


  1. Actually M. HERNANDEZ is a pretty good catcher
    and a better hitter than Navarro right now...
    but will not get an opportunity as long as Navi is Maddons man!

  2. The thing is, Navi can be pretty good as we saw last year. His defense was excellent and he was hitting at the right times.

    It's these mental mistakes that always bother me though. Him stealing a base is like an outfielder not knowing where to throw the ball when he gets it. Things like that are inexcusable. I'm not sure how much longer Maddon will put up with that.

    Michel Hernandez has done a pretty good job. If Navi doesn't step up his mental preparation, I am hoping Maddon gives Hernandez more playing time.

  3. Finally! Someone who agrees with me and then some! How about when he is the one that comes up to bat with the bases loaded! Just aweful! He's lost hos mojo and just wonder if and when Maddon will start giving Navi lots of days off. And he wanted more money..hmmm