Thursday, June 25, 2009


Alright Rays fans, it's time for our first ever Trop It Like It's Hot contest!

We are looking for "The Hottest Rays Girl" out there!  But you must follow the guidelines in order to be eligible to win:

1. You MUST be female.....from birth.  We like to discriminate here at TILIH.  However, there will be more contest in the future where everyone can participate
2.  To make sure pictures are not stolen off the internet, you MUST be holding something that says "Trop It Like It's Hot" on it.  This can be a sign or just written on you somewhere.  Also, you MUST be wearing at least one article of Rays gear.
3.  Pictures can not be photoshopped in any way.
4.  Voting will be done by the fans - we will wait 2 weeks for all the entrants to submit their pictures, then poll our fans to select the winner.  1 grand prize winner will win 2 tickets to a rays game of there choice during the 2nd half of the season (details discussed later).  So guys, this means you could win too (assuming you have a wife or girlfriend).  For our fans that are not able to attend a game, you will win your choice of a Rays player t-shirt.
5. Please submit all photos to  Photos will be posted periodically for the duration of the contest.
6  If you have any other questions please email us and we will be glad to answer them.  Good luck and GO RAYS!

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