Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attendance is Fun

If you've been on the internet then you will recognize the face of an FSU degree, Jenn Sterger. I'll wait while you Google..

The 1998 inaugural year boasted 30,942 average attendance but by the following year only an average of 19,214 fans trickled in to to see the 69 and 93 Rays get last place.
Well the rays can actually put 20,000 plus into the Trop even when the douchenozzle yankees or redsox aren't in town which is trending in the right direction.

It seems that if you build it they won't come, unless some hotties are on the sidelines and big bat swingers are on the field.

So ladies, please come to the games in mass and if you happen to be a MILF bring your kids so we'll actually have a next generation of Rays fans.

Just imagine a world were a kid can grow up in NY or LA and be a Rays fan because his pop's believed that a small market AL East team can win!

Bucs games are fun too....

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